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77-30569/275638 Computerized complex for testing outboard motors.
Engineering Education # 12, December 2011
The authors studied a complex for acceptance, periodic and a number of special tests of boat motors which have a power of up to 5hp on the basis of using a personal computer and industrial logical controller on FGUP “MMPP” “Salut”. The test complex consists of hydromechanical, information-measuring and dynamoelectric subsystems, drive of the gas handle, section of boat motors preparation. Hydromechanical subsystem contains a test counter with a force measuring transom board. The information-measuring subsystem contains gauges of boat motor physical quantities and of environment (9 gauges: frequency of rotation of the crankshaft of internal combustion engine; thrust of screw propeller; temperature of the water in discharge; and others). The basis of the dynamoelectric subsystem is a high-speed servomechanism of alternating current. Advantages of the test complex are the following:  high accuracy and objectivity; minimization of time and reduction of the cost of tests; possibility of conducting complex tests during a short period of time.
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