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Mathematical dependence of physical-mechanical properties of snow cover as support base for movement of vehicles
Engineering Education # 08, August 2012
DOI: 10.7463/0812.0443019
The article systematizes information about characteristics of snow cover significantly influencing cross-country ability, movability, mobility, energy efficiency and other properties of the vehicles. The authors provide equations of the most important communication parameters of snow cover condition, such as density, hardness, rigidity, cohesion, coefficient of internal friction, moisture, temperature, relative deformation, shear which are obtained from experimental data. Basing on the analysis of these dependencies the authors specify existing models of snow which are used to describe interaction of an engine with its support base.
Researches of interaction of the pneumatic wheel with ultralow pressure and the snow roadbed
Engineering Education # 08, August 2011
In this paper the question of interaction of pneumatic extra-low pressure tires with snow is considered. The simulation model of contact interaction of pneumatic extra-low pressure tires with snow is presented. The model is realized by means of numerical computing environment MATLAB. Comparison of the settlement data with the data of experimental researches for the vehicle "Viking"-2992 on tires 1300х600-533 models "Trekol" is made. The analysis of parameters of wheel-terrain interaction of the off-road vehicles is carried out. The interaction parameters are received in mathematical dependence on air internal tires pressure in taking into account known physico-mechanical parameters of snow.
Experimental studies multiaxis wheeled machine
Engineering Education # 12, December 2010
The article is devoted to research trials multiaxis wheeled machine with an onboard method of rotation. Shows the object of study, describes the main specifications. The methodology of experimental studies of the layout and navigation methods for determining the parameters under study. Tests were conducted at various road-soil conditions. The results of research trials, showing the dependence of resistance force depending on the turning radius when driving on snow machines. Assessed the influence of turning radius on the resistance force.

Engineering Education # 11, November 2010
Influence of the excavation and the bulldozer effects be-ginnings by the curvilinear movement of wheel on the road resistance
Engineering Education # 06, June 2010
The paper considers a question of  interaction of  basic draft elements of a mover with a surface of driving, in particular, the road resistance inside of  driving wheel from the excavation and the bulldozer interaction and milling of the material of a covering of a road in a zone of contact of an elastic mover with deformable road-ground foundation. Input the concepts of the excavation and the bulldozer effects inside of  driving wheel. The article include a concepts of conditional tread which consist of the front tread of the wheel, the tread from the snow mutilation inside of driving wheel and the tread from the snow milling by wheels lateral grouser in sideslip. Proposed dependences can draw a conclusion about the road resistance growth and describe of the process of the wheel rolling.
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